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    Owning a pet can mean many things. For some, they are loyal companions. For others, keepers of their deepest secrets. Most view pets as part of the family. At BlueSky Veterinary Center, a Jacksonville Beach veterinarian, we feel the same! That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive system of care that combines conventional medicine with Eastern techniques. This integrative approach will provide your loved one with everything he or she needs to stay happy and healthy – body, mind and spirit. If you’re looking for an emergency vet or wellness provider in Jacksonville Beach, FL or Neptune Beach, FL that you can trust, look no further!


    9 Things Cats Are Very, Very Good At

    Cats have many wonderful qualities: they’re cute, clean, lovable, and fun. Of course, Fluffy is also very talented! Read on as a local Jacksonville Beach, FL vet lists some of … Read More »


    Pets and Allergies

    Did you know that May is officially Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month? Many people are allergic to our furry friends. Of course, Fido and Fluffy can also have allergies themselves! … Read More »


    Keeping Kitty Cool

    We probably don’t have to tell you that summertime here in Florida can be pretty brutal. Heat can be very tough on kitties too! Overheating is actually very dangerous for … Read More »

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