Dog Toys 101

Did you know that playing is not only fun for dogs, but is also great for them? Playing keeps our canine pals from getting bored and promotes healthy activity. It will also burn off your pet’s excess energy, which can help with many behavioral issues. Making sure Fido has plenty of fun toys is very important! A Jacksonville Beach, FL vet discusses dog toys in this article.

Choosing Safe Toys

There are some things to keep in mind when buying doggy toys. First, always get toys that are the right size for Fido. Large breeds can choke on toys for smaller pets. (Note: tennis balls in particular can be very dangerous for big dogs.) The reverse is also true: little pooches can hurt or entangle themselves on playthings made for bigger pups. We also recommend avoiding products made overseas: not all countries regulate pet products, and some imported toys could contain dangerous materials.

Stuffed Animals

Fido often perks up at the sight of a new stuffed animal. We know, those bright eyes and wagging tails are hard to resist, but be careful when giving your frisky pet stuffed toys. Remove any small parts, like plastic eyes or buttons, before handing the toy over to your pooch. Also, be sure to sew or discard ripped toys right away. Sometimes dogs try to eat the stuffing or squeaker. This can be very dangerous!

Puppy Personality

Keep Fido’s personality in mind when shopping. If your pooch tends to get into mischief when left alone, get him some puzzle toys to distract him. Super-energetic dogs may do better with playthings that keep them moving, like automated laser pointers or mechanical ball launchers. Puppies, on the other hand, need lots of chew toys, especially when they are teething. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Caring For Fido’s Toys

Fido’s playthings can get icky pretty fast. Clean and sanitize your canine friend’s toys regularly. Many plastic toys, such as Kong toys, can go right into the dishwasher. Skip the soap, though: the steam and hot water will do the job. For rope toys, remove any metal pieces, soak the toy in water, and microwave it for one minute. Stuffed animals and tennis balls are often machine-washable: check the label for care instructions.

For more information about choosing safe, suitable toys, contact us, your Jacksonville Beach, FL pet clinic. We are here to help!

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