9 Things Cats Are Very, Very Good At

Cats have many wonderful qualities: they’re cute, clean, lovable, and fun. Of course, Fluffy is also very talented! Read on as a local Jacksonville Beach, FL vet lists some of the things our feline pals are good at.


Kitties are absolute champion nappers. In fact, Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day! Cats start practicing their sleeping skills while they are babies. By the time they are seniors, they are bona fide experts!


Cats have a special way of making us laugh. Fluffy often looks the silliest when she is being totally serious, which makes some of her antics even funnier!

Being Cute

Kitties are nothing if not cute. Whether Fluffy chases dust bunnies, meows at doors, or is obsessed with paper grocery bags, we’re guessing your furball has a few adorable quirks that are all her own.

Getting Away With Things

Fluffy has a special talent for looking absolutely adorable when she’s done something wrong. This is why kitties often end up getting cuddled and petted after they’ve misbehaved!

Making Us Spoil Them

If there’s one thing cats are exceptionally good at, it’s convincing us to spoil them. Of course, it isn’t hard to pamper a cat: just offer Fluffy lots of cozy napping spots, plenty of toys, good food, a clean litterbox, some cat furniture, and the occasional empty box, and your furry little diva will be living a life of kitty luxury.

Ordering Food

Does your kitty wake you up when she wants breakfast? Does Fluffy meow or wind herself around your legs at suppertime? Cats are great at getting us to feed them!

Looking Smug

Cats may be small, but they have larger than life purrsonalities. Fluffy’s special way of looking pleased with herself is super cute.

Stealing Chairs

Have you ever stood up to get something, only to find that your feline friend immediately took over your chair? Stealing chairs is one more thing cats are good at!


Cuddling is definitely another of Fluffy’s skills. Some kitties purr as soon as you pick them up, while other will hop into your lap as soon as you sit down. Fluffy also loves to snuggle up with her owners at night.

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