Creating a Kitty Garden

Do you keep your cat indoors? If so, that’s great! Although our feline friends enjoy rolling around in the sun and leaving paw prints on our newly-washed cars, they are both safer and healthier as indoor pets. However, there’s no reason Fluffy can’t have the best of both worlds. Setting out some pet-safe plants for your kitty to hide behind and nibble on is a great way to give her a taste of the outdoors. Read on as a Jacksonville Beach, FL vet offers tips on creating a kitty garden.


Many herbs are safe for kitties. They’re also great for cooking! Catnip is, of course, a must. You can also put out parsley, thyme, rosemary, or mint. Basil and dill are also fine.


Set out some plants in large containers, so your furball can peek out from behind the leaves and pretend she is a ferocious hunter. Prayer plants, Money plants, Spider plants, Boston Ferns, and Cast Iron plants are all pet-safe.


Succulents are a great option for people with brown thumbs: they’re super easy to grow! Jade plants, Chicken and Hen plants, Echeveria, and Painted Lady plants are all good options.


African violets are a great choice for kitty gardens. These little plants are easy to grow, and add a pretty pop of color to any room. Several types of orchids are also safe.


Wheatgrass is not only safe for cats, it’s also good for both you and Fluffy. Lemongrass is another good choice, and will make your house smell fresh and clean.

Potted Trees

Many types of potted trees, such as rubber plants, are both pet safe and attractive. Several types of palms, such as the Areca palm, Ponytail palm, and Bamboo palm, are also good options.


Wheat grass is another great option for a kitty garden. It’s also great for both you and your feline friend. You can even grow it in a little mat for your furball to lie on. Lemongrass is another good choice, and will keep your home smelling clean and fresh.


When setting your plants out, keep in mind that cats have a tendency to knock things over. Use sturdy planters. For more pet-safe plants, check the ASPCA website here.

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