Gardening With Fido

Does your canine buddy try to lend a helping paw as you are working in your garden? Fido has many wonderful traits, but he’s better known for his adorable head tilts than his green thumb. Read on as a Jacksonville Beach, FL vet offers tips on gardening with dogs.

Yard Design

Choosing the right design for your yard and garden can make a huge difference. Before planting, observe your pooch when he is running and playing in the yard. If you notice that Fido tends to run back and forth in a certain spot, incorporate his doggy highway into your plans. If possible, divide up your yard so that your furry pal has one area, and your plants have another.


Creating boundaries around your garden can also help keep Fido from trampling your plants. Use low stone or brick walls, driftwood, or box gardens to form borders around your plants.

Puppy Play Zone

Another great way to keep your canine pal out of your garden is to keep him occupied elsewhere. Make sure he is getting enough exercise, and offer him plenty of toys and entertainment options. Consider making your furry buddy a puppy play zone. If Fido likes to dig, give him a sandbox to bury toys and treats in.

Plant Arrangement

When you start planting, lay your garden out so that the most delicate plants are in the middle. Put thicker plants and shrubs around the outside.

Container Gardening

If you are working with a small space, consider container gardening. You may even find it easier to care for a box garden than a regular one!


Mulch is a very popular ground cover, and it can be great for plants, but it isn’t necessarily pet-friendly. Fido could choke on a chip, if he tries to eat one, or he could get painful paw blisters by stepping on one. Cocoa mulch is especially dangerous, as it is toxic to dogs. Opt for a different ground cover, or fence off your garden so your furry friend can’t reach it.

Choosing Safe Plants

Many popular plants are actually poisonous to Fido. Be sure to choose only pet-safe plants. Check the ASPCA website for a full list of toxic and nontoxic plants.

Please contact us, your Jacksonville Beach, FL animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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