Fun Facts About Cats

Has your cat ever looked at you and blinked slowly? If so, you’ve just been given a wonderful kitty compliment! Slow blinking can be a sign of affection in our feline friends. This is just one of Fluffy’s adorable quirks. In fact, our furry buddies are chock full of interesting traits! Here, a Jacksonville Beach, FL vet lists some fun facts about kitties.

Paw Preferences

Just like people, cats can be right or left handed … or pawed. Male kitties usually use their left paws more, while girl cats tend to be right-pawed. Watch what Fluffy does when she knocks things off your coffee table: the paw she uses is likely her dominant one.

Tail Tales

Only domesticated pet cats walk with their tails up. Stray felines let their tails hang behind them. No one is quite sure why. Maybe an upright tail is the kitty equivalent of an ‘I’m taken’ sign?

The Meow

Did you know that adult cats rarely meow at one another? Kitties usually communicate with other felines through body language. Fluffy generally only ‘talks’ to her humans . . . usually when she wants to give us orders. This may not be a coincidence: our furry pals may have figured out long ago that plaintive meows have a tendency to pull at our heartstrings. In fact, scientists suspect that cats started meowing specifically to manipulate us into offering them food and cuddles.

Sleepy Furballs

Cats certainly do love their beauty rest. Fluffy can spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing. In fact, kitties spends about 70 percent of their lives snoozing!


Fluffy has some very interesting ideas about showing affection. We all know about the purr, but did you know that rolling over for a belly rub is also a demonstration of kitty love? Head butts, love bites, and play attacks are more adorable indications of kitty affection. Kneading is another one: kittens knead their mamas to stimulate milk flow, so when your furball kneads you with her claws, it’s actually a sign that she thinks of you as her parent.

A Flock of Felines

While most people may just refer to a group of cats as, well, a group of cats, the official term is a clowder. Who knew?

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