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Do you LOVE people? Do you have a CALMING EFFECT on people and animals?

At BlueSky Veterinary Center, our exceptional team of compassionate, health centered, hard-working, fun loving people drive our success! We all have pets of our own and believe in treating them like family! Our team at our wellness and emergency facility includes:

  • Veterinary Healers – Doctors of Veterinary Medicine who are experienced in conventional and non-conventional medicine and have a unique respect for the pet’s natural ability to heal and who truly listen to their Patient’s “Parent” and seek to educate by inspiring!
  • Pet Parent Liaison” – these exceptional “People-People” work closely with the Pet Parents on the phone and at the front desk.
  • Pet Nurses” – these talented veterinary technicians work closely with the Veterinary Healers and the pets in our Wellness and Emergency Department so that they receive the best care that modern Integrative Veterinary Medicine has to offer.
  • Pet Guardians” – these special care-takers nurture and protect the special pets who are entrusted into our care in the Pet Retreat, Spa and Healing Garden (which is what we call our hospital!)
  • Master Gardener”- this expert in Zen Administration and Master of the Office works closely with all of the Healers, Liaisons and Guardians to make sure that BlueSky Veterinary Wellness is a healing place to be.

We are always accepting resumes from passionate, energetic, observant, reliable, patient, kind-hearted people with outstanding communication skills for all positions!

We are actively searching for: Pet Guardians – Full and Part Time, Pet Nurses – Full and Part Time, Pet ICU Nurses – Full and Part time (day, evening, weekend and overnight shifts available.)

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