Our Practice

At BlueSky Veterinary Center, we believe that it is our duty to be the example of balanced health for our clients and the animals that they love. We accomplish this through a comprehensive system of care that combines both Western and Eastern medical techniques, integrated together to support the complete health of our patients – body, mind and spirit. We want to help your loved one stay happy, healthy and whole so that you can both enjoy many years of friendship.

Formerly an exclusive Emergency and Critical Care facility, our hospital is still well equipped to handle any and all conventional medical needs that our patients may have. Beyond this, we also offer an extensive range of holistic and alternative treatment options. Our goal with each and every appointment is to understand the unique needs of the patient, and provide a variety of options to meet those needs. Whether you prefer to take a more conventional approach to caring for your pet, or you are open to exploring other options, we are here to help you make informed decisions that you can feel confident about.

Besides our integrative therapy options, what truly sets us apart from other hospitals in the Jacksonville Beach and Neptune Beach area is the very culture that permeates our clinic. Each morning before we open our doors, our team huddles together, sharing stories that inspire us to be our very best and welcoming in a new day of possibilities and learning. The result is a uniquely calm and peaceful environment – a refreshing break from the loud and bustling world around us – which brings out the best in everyone.

The warm, welcoming atmosphere in our clinic is something we take great pride in, because we believe that the more comfortable your pet is while in our care, the better we are able to serve you both. To achieve this, we go above and beyond to roll out the red carpet, from personalized greetings on our outdoor sign to dog beds and free WiFi in the lobby to aromatherapy, soft music and feng shui decor throughout the clinic. There’s even a concierge pick up/drop off service to accommodate your busy schedule. We want every part of your experience with us to be a positive one.

As part of our passion for all living creatures, we’ve made an ongoing commitment to giving back through various charities and volunteer opportunities. We also love to get our clients involved in these great causes by making a donation on their behalf with every new client exam or wellness package purchased. Each month our website features an animal-related charity we support, such as ASPCA, Humane Society, Best Friends for Animals, World Wildlife Fund, Wildlife Coalition, and others.

At BlueSky Veterinary Center, we are inspired by the love our clients have for their pets and we are honored to play a role in promoting and fostering that love over the years. We’d appreciate the opportunity to help bring you and your animal friend to a place of health and wholeness so that you can both enjoy many happy years of companionship. If you’re in the neighborhood, we invite you to “Come, Sit and Heal” with us any time!

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