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Remington Essary

Pet Parent Liaison

As a child, Remington always viewed the local veterinarians as heroes who saved his family pets. As he got older, his love of customer service started to blossom. What better way to combine his adoration for animals and medicine with his passion for helping others, Remington thought, than by working in a veterinary clinic? Now, he’s a Pet Parent Liaison at BlueSky Veterinary Center!

Remington grew up right here in Jacksonville with his animal-loving parents, an older sister, and plenty of pets. He entered the retail field after high school, building his customer service experience for two years before seeking a new opportunity. When he found an opening here at the clinic, Remington knew it was the perfect fit! He’s been a member of the clinic family since the summer of 2015.

Thanks to his customer service background, Remington’s favorite part of his work day is calling clients to check in about their pets. He’s also fond of jumping in to help the veterinarians when needed; it’s a constant learning experience for him!

Outside of his interests in the veterinary world, Remington enjoys baking, cooking, and spending time with his own pets. He lives with three cats at home: Bridgett, a tortoiseshell who prefers spending her days sunbathing and guarding the front yard; Charlotte, who is a huge softy and will drool all over anyone who scratches her head the right way; and Sambeaux, Charlotte’s brother, who enjoys playing with insects in the grass, sleeping on his favorite chair, and rubbing his face on miscellaneous shoes.

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Photo of  Remington  Essary

Monica Velez

Veterinary Technician

Monica grew up in Caguas, Puerto Rico, where her family kept all sorts of pets. Spending time around chickens, pigs, goats, and even ducks sparked an innate passion for animal care that Monica just couldn’t shake. Now, she’s living her dream of working in the veterinary field full-time!

After several years of working in the retail industry and other fields, Monica joined the BlueSky Veterinary Center team in June of 2015, where she’s thrilled to further her skills as a Technician. Monica especially likes critical care; it keeps her on her toes with every patient that comes through the door!

When she’s not at work, Monica enjoys kick boxing and taking self-defense classes. She lives with her son and their two rescued cats, Schrodinger and Minnie. Schrodinger was adopted when his previous owner surrendered him to Monica’s previous place of employment, and Minnie was rescued after she was brought to Monica’s Veterinary Technician school to be spayed.

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Photo of  Monica  Velez

Cassidy Gould

Kennel Technician

Cassidy was raised on a farm, and has been spending time around the earth’s creatures ever since she was young; she started competing on horseback at the ripe age of nine. For Cassidy, animal care is a natural part of life! She is proud to serve the area’s pets and animal owners as a member of the Blue Sky Veterinary Center team.

Cassidy is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, but grew up here in Florida. She started volunteering for veterinary clinics during her high school years before moving on to a job at a dog boarding facility, where she gained even more hands-on pet care experience. Cassidy joined the Blue Sky Veterinary Center family in February of 2016, and particularly likes bathing pets and getting to know the clinic’s patients and clients on a personal level.

Cassidy has two wonderful pets of her own at home, both of whom are rescues: Cujo, a feisty Pom-Chi puppy who could give his namesake a run for his money; and Trio, a sweet Labrador/beagle mix. When she isn’t caring for pets here at the hospital or spending time with her animal companions at home, Cassidy can be found on the back of a horse. She’s been riding and taking lessons for as long as she can remember, and won multiple ribbons, medals, and even a saddle with her old horse, Midnight.

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Photo of  Cassidy  Gould

Evan Gerard

Veterinary Technician

Ever since he was a young boy, Evan has been fascinated by science and medicine. Coupled with his adoration for the earth’s creatures, one career choice seemed to make perfect sense: veterinary medicine! He’s proud to continue his journey in animal care as a member of the BlueSky Veterinary Center family.

Evan is originally from Long Island, New York, where he first began volunteering with local animal shelters before signing on at a horse ranch at the age of 14. He took a summer job at his local grooming office, then enrolled in a special pre-veterinary program during his senior year of high school to gain even more experience. Next, Evan headed off to college to study veterinary technology and become a licensed Veterinary Technician.

Evan moved to Jacksonville with his fiancé in the summer of 2016, and joined the BlueSky Veterinary Center team the following winter. He has special passions for laboratory research work and ophthalmology, and his favorite part of the job is returning healthy, happy pets to their loving owners after an office visit.

Aside from his interests in the world of animal care, Evan likes cooking and writing—he even publishes his own short stories online. He and his fiancé share their lives with two pets of their own: Coraline Jones, a Maltese puppy who would do just about anything for a treat; and a chubby guinea pig who goes by Ruth.

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Photo of  Evan  Gerard

Stephanie Sheridan

Pet Parent Liaison

Stephanie is a self-proclaimed people person and loves to help others in whatever way she can. With her background in front-desk billing and claims for the human healthcare field, a career in veterinary medicine simply makes sense—Stephanie gets to use her skillset to better the lives of people and animals on a daily basis!

Stephanie is originally from California, and lived all over the world before settling in Florida. She joined the veterinary field a number of years ago, remaining with her first clinic for three and a half years, before relocating and joining the BlueSky Veterinary Center team in early 2017.

Away from the office, Stephanie is an avid crafter and especially likes making greeting cards—the first time she sold her cards was a particularly proud moment! She and her husband share their home with two rescued dogs: Bean, a Border Collie mix, and a Manchester Terrier/Australian Cattle dog mix named Izzy.

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Photo of  Stephanie  Sheridan

Jennifer Hernandez

Pet Parent Liaison

Jennifer’s childhood dog, Leroy, made a permanent impression on her. Watching Leroy’s transformation from an anxious, uncomfortable dog at the local shelter to a fun-loving, compassionate member of the family made one thing clear to Jennifer: she would love to help others’ pets as a veterinary professional! She hasn’t looked back since.

A native of Fort Lauderdale, Jennifer joined the United States Navy at the age of 19. After a stint serving in San Diego, she was assigned to a base in Sasebo, Japan—it was there that she first signed up to be an operations assistant at the base’s veterinary clinic, providing her the opportunity to work with active-duty military members’ pets as well as military working dogs. Jennifer has been hooked on veterinary medicine ever since!

Jennifer became a member of the BlueSky Veterinary Center team in the summer of 2017 and serves the area’s pets and animal owners as a Pet Parent Liaison. She makes it her mission to ensure that all visitors to the hospital—whether they’re two- or four-legged!—have a pleasant experience.

At home, Jennifer and her husband have a young daughter and also share their lives with Odie, a Black Labrador puppy, and a Yellow Labrador mix named Wilma. When time permits between work and family life, Jennifer loves to spend time outdoors kayaking or bicycling.

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Photo of  Jennifer  Hernandez

Max Allen

Kennel Technician

Max grew up in Hobe Sound, Florida, where he was constantly rescuing stray animals and nursing them back to health. He’s been caring for the earth’s creatures ever since he can remember—for him, putting his natural affinity with pets to good use by working in the veterinary world simply makes sense. Now, Max serves as one of the hospital’s Kennel Technicians!

After working in the kennel facility of the Jacksonville International Airport, Max joined the BlueSky Veterinary Center family in May of 2016 and has been here ever since. He particularly likes soaking up all the knowledge he can from the veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians, and he loves to help out in the exam rooms by taking X-rays, performing blood work, and assisting with surgeries.

Max holds a degree in sociology and loves to continue learning whenever the opportunity presents itself. He’s also fond of surfing and skateboarding—his picture has even been included in the local surf magazine!

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Photo of  Max  Allen

Shelby Hornback

Veterinary Technician

Shelby’s mother used to work at a zoo, and young Shelby was always enthralled by the variety of animals she got to observe. As she got older, her fascination with the world of medicine started to blossom. By the time she had started college, Shelby had a thought: why not combine her passion for animals with her medical interests? Now, she helps pets daily as a Licensed Veterinary Technician!

Shelby is originally from Memphis, Tennessee and moved to Jacksonville in 2014. She attended the Sanford-Brown Institute to study veterinary technology, then launched her career in general practice before moving into emergency care. Here at the clinic, Shelby cares for pets as a Veterinary Technician and particularly enjoys surgical procedures and radiology work. Most of all, she likes speaking directly with clients and passing on her knowledge to help pet owners better care for their animal companions.

In her free time, Shelby enjoys bowling, crocheting, and biking—she was once the highest-ranked female BMX rider in her division! She and her fiancé, Brad, share their home with two pets: Jeffery is a hound puppy who loves going swimming with Shelby, and Titanus the bearded dragon likes spending his days sunbathing, napping, and snacking on crickets.

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Hans and Sabrina


Hans and Sabina live in Southside Jacksonville with their mom, where they enjoy sleeping in the shade of citrus trees, digging to China, and sharing their thoughts with the neighbors in some form of doggy Morse Code composed of yips, howls, and barks. They have been proud blood donors for Emergency and Critical Care Animal Hospital for over two years now, and plan to continue doing their part to save the lives of their fellow canines until their retirement in November of 2016.

The rescue van pulled in with a litter of puppies who had traveled across several state lines to reach their temporary home at a Black Mountain sanctuary. As the van pulled up, their mom rushed out to meet the litter and help get them situated. As caretaker, Kate was eager to find her best friend in that van, but to her surprise, one of the 2 boys was just as eager to find her and had chosen to adopt her as soon as the doors opened. It was love at first site! …and then he pooped and ruined the moment.

The puppies had come from a neglect situation in which they were confined to a dark basement for the first 6 months of their lives with their mother. When the rescuers arrived at the residence, they were horrified to find the puppies’ mother dead and the basement covered in excrement. The babies were nothing but skin and bones, and required immediate medical care to rehydrate them, and expel a host of internal and external parasites. After a few short weeks of continued care and lots of love, the puppies were bouncing around in their pen, happy and healthy as ever. Meanwhile, Kate and Hans were living up the hill in the caretaker cabin. Hans was a perfect angel and had bonded so well to his new mommy, he stuck to her like glue and required no leash training. Hans and Kate worked every day on learning new tricks, going to town to make new friends, and picking out toys at the local pet store… but something was missing. After the sun went down, Hans sat on Kate’s bed and howled himself to sleep. Exhausted and concerned, Kate took Hans down to the puppy pen to decide which of his sisters he wanted to share his house with. After several minutes of horseplay, the pair had determined that the best fit was Sabina. From then on, Hans and Sabina enjoyed each other’s company, and Kate enjoyed sleeping at night.

In 2009, Kate, like many others, encountered adverse economic conditions, but was fortunate to find work with her brother in Florida. Unable to bring Hans and Sabina at the time, she entrusted their care to the sanctuary owner and moved down to Florida with a heavy heart, looking forward to the day when she could go back and bring her kids home. Finally, that day came!

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Photo of  Hans and Sabrina

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