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Dr. Cameron Jones

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Cameron Jones wanted to be a veterinarian before she could even pronounce the term—she was barely two years old when she proclaimed to her parents that she wanted to be a “veteran!” Dr. Jones never looked back, and is now thrilled to be living out her dream as the Owner, Medical Director, and full-time Veterinarian of BlueSky Veterinary Center.

A self-described military brat, Dr. Jones lived in Alabama, California, Florida, Virginia, and even Germany while growing up. She attended the University of Alabama for her undergraduate education, then traveled to the Caribbean to receive her veterinary degree from the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. She also attended Purdue University and completed externships with Louisiana State University.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Jones is extremely passionate about integrating holistic Eastern modalities of medicine with standard Western medicine. She feels privileged to be able to add a beautiful layer of holistic practices onto the backdrop of Western medicine, allowing her to keep her patients in perfect, healthy balance. She’s also quite fond of educating others with the knowledge she’s amassed.

Dr. Jones has a young son, Teddy, whom she was fortunate enough to homeschool for the first two years of his education. Together, they share their home with several pets: Cookie is a 13-year-old black lab mix who allows Dr. Jones to practice veterinary acupuncture and herbal medicine on him without complaint. Samson is a Yorkshire terrier that Dr. Jones bottle raised from three days old. Pharaoh the cat is truly the king of the household; he likes to survey the home from his perch, only coming down to get a belly rub when the mood strikes him.

Outside of her passions in veterinary medicine, Dr. Jones enjoys cooking, practicing yoga and Tai Chi, hula hooping, and crafting. She also volunteers at her son’s school, where she teaches cooking classes to elementary-aged kids!

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