Nutrition / Food Therapy

Surely you’ve heard the expression, “You are what you eat”, but did you know this very concept can also be applied to our animal companions? Meeting your pet’s nutritional needs can help them live a longer, more active life – which is always our ultimate goal. At BlueSky Veterinary Center, we can harness the power of natural food combinations to develop a customized diet that will bring out the very best in your best friend. Our nutritional counseling and food therapy services are designed to promote a healthier lifestyle, and can also aid in the treatment and management of a number of health conditions.

How does food therapy work?

Unlike conventional diets, Chinese food therapy focuses on selecting and combining the right foods and ingredients to help balance the body. Different combinations produce different effects. For instance, certain herbs may be integrated to promote a healthier digestive system for a pet that suffers from gastrointestinal problems. Chinese nutrition also focuses more on the temperature, flavor and what’s referred to as “route of action.” This means the area of the body where the food will have the greatest effects.

Developing a customized diet for your pet involves conducting a comprehensive evaluation of his or her lifestyle and eating habits, particularly if we are using food therapy to treat or manage an illness. We are often able to determine what may be causing or worsening your pet’s condition by analyzing the food that was consumed during a certain timeframe, such as over the past 24 hours. By looking at what your pet ate prior to the onset of symptoms, we can make the necessary adjustments to alleviate whatever condition your pet may be experiencing.

What can nutrition / food therapy be used to treat?

Besides the preventative nature of a balanced diet, food therapy can also be used to treat and manage a variety of medical conditions. Most notably, we can use nutrition to combat digestive problems, dermatological disorders and problems with the respiratory system. For some chronic illnesses, food therapy can be combined with other treatment modalities to help manage symptoms and promote a better quality of life.

A balanced and nutritionally sound diet isn’t just something that’s important for humans. Our food therapy services can place your loved one on the path to a healthier, happier life. Let’s discuss your pet’s needs today!

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